More snow days

Another winter weather system has left us with more snow. This has got to be a record for snowfall in the south. Very rarely do the kids get out of school or even get close to using their allotted snow days, but now we are down to 3 days left. I am working at home this morning and waiting to see if the roads improve before I go anywhere. I will be so happy when spring gets here!

I want to be here (see pics below). These were taken in Florida a few years ago. I’m looking forward to going there again this year. I guess we better start planning our summer vacation. Just looking at the pics give me a feeling of serenity and relaxation.

I have been slacking with my exercise. I haven’t felt well over the past few weeks and have been trying to recover. I am ready to get back on the wagon. Boxing sounds good to me…


Cardio Max

I woke up to muscle soreness from the Cardio Max DVD I did yesterday. A little soreness is good. I decided to use the stationary bike and exercise ball to try and loosen up. I really like the DVD. I was surprised that several contestants from the last 2 seasons were on it. I didn’t realize this one was released recently. I got to workout with Sunshine, Tara, Ada, Ashley and Bob Harper! I think I’m gonna like this one.

I am also logging my workouts on my Biggest Loser calendar I bought last week at 75% off. Thats a sweet deal! The calendar is cool with tips and recipes from Bob and Jillian.

Biggest Loser calendar

After working out, today was a pretty lazy day. I went out to lunch with my husband and daughter to Jason’s Deli. I love that place. They have an awesome salad bar with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. Here is a picture of my salad plate:

We bought a humidifier today. I’m hoping this will solve the sinus trouble I’ve been having. Fingers crossed.

I plan on relaxing for the rest of the evening and waiting for the snow to arrive. It’s always a big deal when snow is forecasted in Tennessee. People rush off to the grocery store for water, milk and bread – so I avoided those places. They are saying we might get several inches overnight and more tomorrow. I’m a little cynical though, it seems like when they say we are getting snow, it’s just a flake or two.

I hope you have a great week! Stick to your resolutions!

Snowy Saturday

Good morning! I woke up to it snowing! What a beautiful sight!

Plans for today include working out, cleaning the house a bit, and spending time with family while watching football. After having my morning espresso, of course. I have finally figured out how to use my machine!

Here are some pictures of my workout room that is still a work in progress.

My motivation wall!


My newest workout DVD purchase

We had a nice relaxing evening last night after I got off work. It had been a stressful work week, and I needed that! After sipping on a glass of wine, we played Green Day Rockband! I love it! I know their songs so well, that I could get 100% on the hard level.

We also got take out for dinner. Since I had been sticking to my healthy eating all week, I decided that I wanted Popeyes fried chicken. That has to be my favorite meal! Even more reason to get up and burn some calories today!