Reflecting back

Here is a comparison photo of me in 2009 and 2010. Even though I haven’t lost that many pounds, I can see that I have toned up. Definitely like the longer hair, too! Hopefully we’ll see more results in 2011!

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010


Sticking with it

Are you sticking to your resolutions for 2011? I must admit that after getting sick around New Years, that I have not gotten back into the swing of things for working out. It’s really hard for me to fit it in after working 10 hours every day. I need a new plan. I don’t have a problem on the weekends, but during the work week it’s tough. I found myself trying to find ways to walk more at work. But with an office job, that is not always an option.

I have been sticking to my healthy eating goal, though. I started keeping a food journal again. They say it works. 😉

Here are some of my favorite things I have been munching on this week:
My favorite oatmeal – I usually add organic blueberries too!

Greek Yogurt – yummy

Veggies and spinach dip!

My favorite chocolate milk

I have tried packing lots of healthy options to take to work since I’m there for such a long time. The time of day that I struggle the most is a few hours after lunch, usually around 3:00 p.m. For some reason, I’m almost always famished around this time and I rarely grab something healthy. This is another reason I am starting to log my eating habits again. I want to get to the bottom of this! If I were at home, would I have the same cravings as I do when I’m at work?

My plan is to get back into working out this weekend. I bought a new Biggest Loser DVD and am ready to try it out. Maybe Bob and Jillian can whip me into shape! Speaking of which, did you watch the season premiere this week? I did, of course. It looks like it will be an interesting season. I’m inspired by Courtney – Team Aqua!

– Gina


Happy New Year! 2011 is here. Did you make your resolutions? I made mine a few days ago in the post labeled Goals for 2011.

On New Year’s Eve, I decided to try a test run with my espresso machine. Success! I was able to produce a serving of espresso. I will need to purchase a frothing pitcher as one did not come with the machine. And I need some espresso cups. My extra large coffee cups are too large.

Later today, I treated my mom to lunch and a movie. We went to Mimi’s Cafe for lunch. I actually had breakfast consisting of pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon apples and scrambled eggs. I also treated myself to a Pimosa – a drink similar to a Mimosa but with a combination of different types of juices.

Pumpkin pancakes!


I ordered coffee after lunch

My mom in front of Mimi’s Cafe

We had a lovely time at Mimi’s as always. After lunch we went to see “The Tourist” at the movies. We enjoyed Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie’s performance. I joked with my sister that I was working on getting the “daughter of the year award” by taking mom out for a fun filled day! She has some catching up to do!