Another road trip

It’s Friday and I am spending the day packing for a short road trip with my sister and my mom. We are leaving tomorrow morning to drive to Birmingham, AL for my cousin’s wedding. It’s been a while since us girls have taken a trip, so I’m looking forward to it. No husbands. No kids. Nice! It will be a short trip since we are only staying one night. But we always have fun, wherever we go. Pictures will follow!

Mom and my sis on one of our other adventures!

My dilemma is wondering if I will be able to workout while I am out of town and what healthy options there will be to choose from at the wedding. I am probably screwed! I scheduled Saturday and Sunday as rest days on my calendar, but having two days off in a row may be too much. I will take some healthy snacks with me, just in case. I doubt the wedding reception will offer healthy options, unless they have fruit. I will definitely have to kick up the workouts after I return, but I will pack my running shoes.

running shoes + pedometer + water = happy

Here are some of the snacks I’ll pack:

bottled water
nuts – almonds, sunflower seeds
organic granola bars
fruit- bananas and apples

How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle while on vacation? Do you find it easy or difficult?


Stressful Week

I realized I haven’t posted since last Saturday. This week has been so busy and stressful. And it’s only Wednesday! I am thankful that I am on vacation after today and will have a relaxing long weekend with my family. We have dealt with issues with our newly used car we just bought, a car wreck with my pregnant daughter, and trying to get everything ready for our vacation. Needless to say, I have let my workouts slip for the past two days since I have been so overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to a running workout tonight when I get home.

Luckily, my daughter is o.k. from her wreck and even though she was transported to the hospital, the baby is fine also. The car on the other hand will need some repair work. I was excited though to see the ultrasound performed on her in the hospital. I was overwhelmed with tears of joy to see my grandchild for the first time.

It’s amazing to me how much stress can affect you physically. After dealing with the car accident yesterday and going to the hospital, I found myself very nervous and exhausted. I almost felt light headed and like it was difficult to breathe. Usually, I know how to calm down when I’m feeling overwhelmed, but yesterday was a different story. Eventually I was able to relax after drinking a glass of vino and playing with Tiger.

How do you deal with stress?

Vacation time

Well, I decided to take some time off work before Christmas. I have vacation time but usually feel like I can’t take it because of my hectic work schedule. I’m giving in….I need a break and what better time of the year to take off and spend with my family, than Christmas? I’m looking forward to it. When I get off work Thursday, Dec 16th, I will be off work until Dec 27th. What will I do? I plan on spending some quality time with my teenage daughters. That will probably include eating out and shopping and who knows…maybe a mani or pedi. My high school age daughter, will be out of school also so we can have lots of fun together!

I also want to spend some quality time with my supportive husband, John. Our work schedules do not allow us to spend alot of time together except on the weekends. I look forward to playing Rock Band on our PS3! That’s one of our favorite things to do. I haven’t broken the news to him yet about my vacation, but hopefully he wont mind. 😉

I will also make some time for working out and setting my goals for 2011. I would also like to do some decorating and organizing to my exercise room. And getting to finish my Christmas shopping early will be great! I usually take vacation days when we are traveling, but it sounds very delightful to take off work and just stay at home.

This is a much needed break for me. Vacation….here I come!

Tonight, I am looking forward to  The Biggest Loser finale show! This has been a great season of the show. I love watching the final episode and seeing the transformations of all the contestants. In my eyes, all of them are winners! They have all accomplished so much. The marathan episode always makes me wonder….can I do it too? Did you vote for Ada or Elizabeth to be the 3rd final contestant? Good luck to all the contestants! I also wonder who will show up from past seasons?