Welcome Weekend!

I’m glad the weekend is here! Even though it was a short work week for me, it seemed to last forever. Tonight I did my cross training workout. It was a breeze compared to my running workouts. I biked almost 6 miles on the stationary bike and followed that with strength training. I ate a healthy dinner while the rest of my family had fast food. I’m proud of ME!

I have a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow I am visiting the college I graduated from for Alumni Day in the MTSU Recreation Center. All alumni members and their families can attend for free and use the facilities which include an indoor and outdoor pool. Nice! I also plan on doing my running workout on the track to take a break from the treadmill.

Later in the day, I have an appointment for a much needed massage at Massage Envy. I am looking forward to that! I’ve had two migraines this week and the best medicine for that is a massage.

On Sunday, I plan on attending church in the morning with my parents, resting in the afternoon and surprising my sister by going to hear her sing her first solo in her church choir. That should be wonderful.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and do something to pamper yourself! You deserve it! Summer is here and there’s so much to do. Be sure and stay hydrated if its as hot in your area as it is here! The south officially has a heat wave!


Welcome to Gina’s pancake kitchen!

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is shining and it looks like it will be a beautiful day. My daughter, Whitney has been wanting pancakes all week so I decided to get up and make pancakes for the family.

Tiger is enjoying the sunshine. This is one of his favorite places.

I made a batch of regular pancakes for everyone else and added a few more things for my pancake. Since my family isn’t into the healthy eating thing like I am, sometimes I have to prepare my food separately. I added frozen blueberries and flaxseed to the batter. It turned out great!

To go along with the pancakes, I made scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage.

And of course, COFFEE!

Tiger seems a little anxious for breakfast to get finished….

Now that breakfast is done, I’m going to see what I can do today to enjoy the sunshine. It has been rainy and chilly here all week. I welcome the sunshine and hope it decides to stay. I hope to add some walking or jogging to my day, as well.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Weekend pictures

I thought this post was going to be great with the pics. But for some reason, my pics are not posting! They are visible when drafting, but when I publish they disappear. I am somewhat frustrated! I have tried several times and I can’t get this to work.

Here are some pics of my weekend fun!  I hope you had a great weekend too.

Me and my hubby at the Predators hockey game

interesting Preds fans!

Whitney eating lunch at our favorite Mexican place!

Jambalya at Big River Grille in Nashville

March Madness

Are you a college basketball fan? At our house, we filled out our brackets and are watching ALL the games. The NCAA tournament takes priority in our house! It’s my husband’s favorite time of the year and I can honestly say that I enjoy it too. But my bracket picks aren’t doing so well. Our favorite team is Gonzaga. Luckily our team won in the first round. I hope they keep winning. Let’s GO ZAGS!

John & his sister at Gonzaga for a ballgame

We are having lovely weather in Tennessee. It was in the 80’s today. I took off half a day early to enjoy the sunshine! And to watch some college hoops, of course. I believe grilling out a little later will be on our agenda. I have already been to the grocery store for grilling supplies.

I’m glad its the weekend. I plan on spending some time outdoors. Maybe a nice outdoor run in the morning. What are your weekend plans?