Family Vacation

I am back home from our family vacation. It was a nice long weekend for us. I feel like I haven’t posted in such a long time. We had limited cell phone and computer access in our mountain cabin, which was probably a good thing. But in the age of technology, it took a little getting used to. Here are some pictures from our trip. I’ll post more when I get them from my kids.

The view from our cabin

Whitney and Deborah riding the ski lift in Gatlinburg

We took every opportunity to take pictures with bears!

Our group picture from the Titanic exhibit in Pigeon Forge.

The Titanic – museum in Pigeon Forge

Bubba Gump Shrimp in Gatlinburg
Eating at Bullfish Grill

The Old Mill restaurant in Pigeon Forge

Bubba Gump

Cades Cove

Big Daddy’s Pizzeria

Now that vacation is over, its time for me to get ready for another week and get back on track with my fitness goals. I have decided to repeat week 4 of the Couch to 5k challenge since I was very distracted last week and didn’t get all of the workouts done. I can do it!


Stressful Week

I realized I haven’t posted since last Saturday. This week has been so busy and stressful. And it’s only Wednesday! I am thankful that I am on vacation after today and will have a relaxing long weekend with my family. We have dealt with issues with our newly used car we just bought, a car wreck with my pregnant daughter, and trying to get everything ready for our vacation. Needless to say, I have let my workouts slip for the past two days since I have been so overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to a running workout tonight when I get home.

Luckily, my daughter is o.k. from her wreck and even though she was transported to the hospital, the baby is fine also. The car on the other hand will need some repair work. I was excited though to see the ultrasound performed on her in the hospital. I was overwhelmed with tears of joy to see my grandchild for the first time.

It’s amazing to me how much stress can affect you physically. After dealing with the car accident yesterday and going to the hospital, I found myself very nervous and exhausted. I almost felt light headed and like it was difficult to breathe. Usually, I know how to calm down when I’m feeling overwhelmed, but yesterday was a different story. Eventually I was able to relax after drinking a glass of vino and playing with Tiger.

How do you deal with stress?

Back to training

It’s a lovely Saturday morning here in Tennessee! The sun is shining, its going to be warm today, and as far as I can tell, the end of the world did not happen as they predicted. I’m hoping to relax today since yesterday was extremely busy for me. I had cleaning to do, cooking, buying a new car, and a high school graduation to attend. I’m glad I didn’t have to work on top of all the other things going on.

new car!

Whitney at Graduation 2011

Whitney & her band friends before the performance

Today is a XT day for me, so I’m planning on doing a Tae Bo workout. Actually yesterday should have been my XT day, but Friday left me feeling a little frazzled. Tae Bo is a great way to include cardio, strength training and flexibility into one workout. Soon as I have my coffee and a quick breakfast….I’ll be punching and kicking to the max!

Tae Bo – I have several workouts to choose from
Must have coffee first thing in the a.m.

Kashi cereal with skim milk

Silk Light – my favorite way to start the day!

This Couch to 5k challenge has me feeling like an athlete. I never thought I would say that. I’ve gotten serious about the training to the point that I have 2 5k’s and one 4 miler on my schedule for the fall. One in September, one in October and the last one on Thanksgiving Day.

5k registration – Women’s Half Marathon/5k in Nashville

I also took advantage of a free training plan after registering for the Women’s Half Marathon/ 5k a few days ago. I’m using that in addition to the c25k training. I like this plan since it includes email reminders of the daily workouts and motivational words to keep me on track. Also, when I log in my workouts, there are fields to enter vital statistics as well as b.p./ pulse readings. Its a helpful tool.

I hope your weekend rocks!

Family Vacation plans

I love taking family vacations. We are going away for Memorial Day weekend. Here is a peek at Our vacation cabin in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. My hubby and I were married at a wedding chapel there so we go there at least once a year. Since this year marks our 5 yr anniversary, maybe a vow renewal should be planned? Here’s a picture…

Our wedding picture – Gatlinburg Sept 2006

This time we are taking the kids with us for a 4 day family getaway. My kids are almost grown but they really enjoy our vacations. They are a little bit spoiled.

I don’t want to let my fitness slack off during this time, so I’m researching hiking trails to possibly attempt. I can’t guarantee that the rest of the family will join me though. These cabins have a full kitchen and gas grill on the deck so at least we can prepare some of our meals, without having to eat out every day. It’s easier to include healthier options that way too.

One of our favorite things about the cabins is the hot tub. I keep telling my hubby that this needs to be our next big purchase. They are so relaxing! And there’s something about sitting in the hot tub on the deck of the cabin with the mountain views with a glass of wine and your sweetheart that is just marvelous.

The town just outside of Gatlinburg is Pigeon Forge and is a fun place for tourists. Here are some Pigeon Forge travel links. Since my husband is a veteran, we will hopefully find something to do to honor veterans on Memorial Day.

What are your plans for Memorial Day?

Running – C25k Week 3

Tonight I begain week 3 on the Couch 2 5k challenge. I am usually watching The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights, but decided to do my workout while watching my favorite show. I moved my treadmill into my bedroom so I’ll be all ready to go. Another reason for moving my equipment, is because my daughter is moving back home soon and I have to empty out her bedroom. Goodbye exercise room.

My new workout space

I was a little nervous about this week’s workout since I have to jump from running 90 second intervals to 3 minutes. At the same time, I am confident that I can do this! I got my shoes, my water and my pedometer ready and hit the treadmill.

One thing I found out rather quickly, is that I need to bring my big fan into my bedroom when I’m working out. The ceiling fan just didn’t do the job. I was able to increase my speed during tonight’s workout. Except during the last 3 minute interval, I had to slow down some. I’m hoping workout 2 will be a little easier.

After finishing the workout, I noticed my ankle began hurting. Since I’ve sprained this one several times, it gives me trouble occasionally. I immediately got the ice pack and elevated it. After a few minutes it felt much better, so I did some strength training with my weights.

I felt optimistic about the workout tonight. It was a little harder than week 2, but I love the challenge! I guess I have to get used to using ice packs and muscle cream after running workouts. I really want to move my running outside and get off the treadmill. Mental note: find a running trail to use this week.

Runners just do it – they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first.  ~Author Unknown

Zumba + running = happy

I did a Zumba workout on the PS3 before getting on the treadmill to do the last Couch to 5k workout for week 2. I thought doing a pre-run workout might help me. I love Zumba! I know I’m not the best at it – my hips just don’t move the way the instructors do. But that is the joy of doing it at home in my living room. I sent my hubby out for errands so I could have the living room (and the t.v./remote) to myself.

Zumba for PS3

I’m going to be ready for the next 5k I do, which looks like will be the Komen for the Cure in October. That is…unless I find another one to do in the next few months.

I finished the 3rd workout for week 2 on the C25k challenge. It seemed easier today. Maybe that’s because I warmed up with Zumba before doing it. I was able to do the intervals with little trouble and able to increase my speed a little. After I finished the workout, I decided to do some 30 second sprints, like I’ve seen on the Biggest Loser, to push myself. That was exhilarating! Its amazing what you can do when you push yourself! I’ll definitely do that again.

I feel good about finishing week 2 on this challenge and looking forward to starting week 3. Now its rest and relaxation time for me. It’s time to prepare for another week. Have a great week!

Saturday – Date night (and day)!

After my walk on Saturday, I spent the day with my hubby. We went to lunch at one of my favorite places, Wasabi! It’s a Japanese restaurant that I go to because I love the hibachi grill. It’s always so much fun and their prices are very reasonable. We can eat lunch there for under $20 for soup, salad, and hibachi chicken with vegetables and fried rice and a drink.


enjoying the show!

Hibachi chicken with fried rice and vegetables

Later in the evening, John and I went out with friends to listen to some live music at The Boro Bar and Grill , a local bar with some friends. The band we saw was A.K.A. Rudie . We enjoyed our evening even though we didn’t drink much. I learned that I can have fun without over indulging. Nice! I had one glass of Guinness and drank water the rest of the night.

our friends Ben & Sienna dancing at the club

me and my hubby

Great Strides Walk – for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

I thought I was doing a 5k today, but it turns out to only be a mile walk. It;s for a good cause, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. A group of ladies from my church walked in honor of one of friends, Christine. The name of our group is S.A.L.T. sisters. This stands for Sisters Actively Learning and Teaching. I am very proud to me associated with these wonderful ladies!

It was a nice cool morning for the walk and no rain. I took my poncho just in case! I think I need to find some events that are at least a 5k in the future. I enjoy the walks but I need to increase my distance.

Before the walk, I got up, had my coffee and breakfast. I ate a banana and a piece of whole wheat toast with organic peanut butter and a cup of Silk light chocolate milk.

Here are some pictures from the event.

breakfast – banana and whole wheat toast with organic peanut butter

my t-shirt from the walk

Me and my mom

And we’re off!

live music at the walk

After the walk, since I was already at The Avenue, I decided to get my hair cut. I think it turned out nice.

It was a good morning but since the walk was only 1 mile, I think I’ll try to do a running workout later today.

Have a great weekend!!

Preparing for my 5k

It’s Friday and I’m mentally getting ready for the 5k I am doing in the morning. I am about to go to Massage Envy for my pre-race sports massage. I’ve never had one before a race before but I’m anxious to see if it helps my performance! It’s been one of those weeks. The extra exercise I am doing with the Couch to 5k training challenge has helped me get through the week without being too stressed, but my muscles are very tight.I look forward to my monthly massage sessions.

I will spend the evening relaxing with my family and carb-loading. I have some past leftovers from dinner last night that I plan on having.

Week 2 Workout 2 – Complete

It’s been a wonderful Wednesday! I found a way to enjoy my morning oatmeal even more…I added a banana and some organic peanut butter. It was very tasty! What are your favorite healthy breakfast foods? I feel like I’m eating the same things over and over. I need a change!

I completed Week 2 Workout 2 on the Couch to 5k training plan. I’m glad I was able to finish it. It seems harder this week to me. I’m not sure what my problem is. I know living in the south makes it hard to do outdoor runs, especially when the humidity starts. It’s 80 but feels like 95 degrees. Even in my exercise room with fans and the a/c, I can’t seem to get comfortable. Hmmm…hot flashes?

I am glad that I have been able to do these workouts during the work week after a long day of number crunching. A few weeks ago I was struggling to find time to workout and now I’m actually doing it. That feels great! And I have a 5k I’m participating in this weekend. I will try to run as much as I can and hopefully increase my pace.

my exercise room

How do you deal with the heat if you are a runner?