It’s time for ME time!

Where did the spring weather go? It feels more like fall today. I slept later than usual for a Saturday, but since I’ve been sick I guess I needed it. I was very happy that today is the day for my monthly massage appointment at Massage Envy. I usually leave home a few hours before my appointment for some much needed ME time. I stopped for a sandwich at a place called Which Wich? This was my first time going to this place but I liked it.

It took me a moment to figure out how to order. The menu is posted on the wall for different types of sandwiches. There are also brown paper bags corresponding to the sandwiches on a table that the customer fills out to place the order. Here is mine:

I ordered a turkey sub on wheat with provolone, lettuce, dijon mustard and low fat mayo.

I also had some jalapeno chips!

and some iced tea!

The food was good and I enjoyed the atmosphere also.

After eating, I was ready for my massage!

Now I’m all relaxed and ready to spend the evening with my family.