Starting the day off right

It’s Saturday morning and I began the day with a 3 mile walk. I got up and made my coffee so it would be ready when I get back, made a protein shake for breakfast, filled my water bottle and headed out.

I found a walking trail at a local city park. I enjoyed it. I got there early enough so there weren’t very many people and I beat the soccer crowd. This park is only a few miles away from my house, so I plan on visiting there often.

I came back home to enjoy my iced coffee while sitting on my deck. The weather was mild and the breeze was blowing. It felt really good since I had worked up a sweat from my walk/jog session.

Now I’m ready to enjoy the day! I’m planning on attending a church service later tonight then I’ll be working on my side dishes for my family dinner tomorrow.

What do you have planned for today?


Visit to Fall Creek Falls

My mother, and a few other ladies at my church drove up to Fall Creek Falls on Saturday moring. It is a state park located approxiately and hour and a half from my home. The women at our church went there for a weekend retreat. I am so glad I went, since I had such a rough week last week with my negativity and feelings of sadness. It was a very uplifting day with other women. I’m just sorry I didn’t sign up for the entire weekend experience. I came home feeling more blessed than ever and much more positive about my life. Thank you Lord!

If you’re interested in state parks,(I recommend this if you love the outdoors) here is the Fall Creek Falls website for more information.

It was a beautiful day and in between sessions many of us went out exploring around the falls. I took a few pictures to share…

Ladies Retreat sessions – pwerful lessons, prayer and singing praises to the Lord while looking at the wonder beauty that surrounded us.

Fall Creek Falls

Beautiful view!

Me standing close to the falls – a perfect photo opportunity!

I picked up some brochures before leaving because this place sounds like a great place for a weekend getaway with my sweetheart. 🙂 And since I get discounts at TN state parks, another great reason to book a trip!