I’ve been sick for a few days this week. I have not been able to get my workouts in and my healthy eating plan has consisted of eating crackers and drinking Sprite. The feeling of nausea I have had for several days was the onset of a migrane. I should have thought of that. If I had taken a migrane pill a few days ago, I would have been better days ago. I haven’t had a migrane in months, and I usually don’t get the nausea with them. But, once I figured that out, I took a pill this afternoon which made me sleep for 4-5 hours. I feel much better. I am so glad. I don’t like feeling bad. I have tried to work at home some but I’m sure I’ll be behind at work next week after missing 2 days of work. I’ll probably have to go to the office this weekend to see how much work is piled on my desk.

I think I’ll run in the morning.  Murfreesboro weather is forecasted to be mild and an outdoor run sounds lovely. The treadmill is getting boring to me.

While I slept today, Tiger was getting into everything! He loves exploring and was missing the attention he usually gets from me.

Have a great weekend! 


To all the runners out there….do you ever have dreams about running? I remember a very vivid dream I had last night. I was running outdoors and seemed to never get tired or fatigued. (definitely a dream!) It seemed like I was running for hours without any pain. I was running through the streets of a town with lots of scenery. I thought it was a very interesting dream and wonder if my dream is trying to tell me something. Like….“keep training, you’ll get there one day.” Or, “don’t give up.” Or, “when this snow melts, get outside and off the treadmill. You will enjoy that more”. I’m listening….


It’s Friday-eve. It’s my last day of my workweek and I always look forward to that. I have announced that tomorrow will be Gina-day! Every once in a while I treat myself to a day just for ME! Of course, it probably won’t last all day, but I’ll take what I can get.

Tonight, after work, I cycled on the stationary bike while watching a few Dr. Oz episodes I had recorded. It was a good workout. I’m scheduled to run tomorrow, so I wanted to do a light workout. I’m so proud of myself for fitting in a few workouts on my workdays! Go Gina!

Here’s what I had for dinner tonight:

Chicken Florentine with an applesauce cup and green tea

Don’t think for a minute that I’m a gourmet cook or anything. This was actually one of those skillet dinners. Very easy to make and very tasty also. I love pasta recipes with spinach.

I recently subscribed to Runners World magazine. I thought this is a good idea since I’m trying to run more and I need all the help I can get. I got my Runners World free gift in the mail today. So, while eating dinner I scanned over the tips it provided for beginning runners. I was very interested to read a tip that beginners should focus more on minutes than on miles. Maybe that’s what I need to do.

After dinner, I plan on relaxing and enjoying a glass of chardonnay!

Do you have any tips for beginning runners? I’d love to hear from you.

Celebrate small victories!

I came home after work and decided to get in a workout. I know you are supposed to stretch before running and I did. But I obviously didn’t stretch out enough. After running about 1/2 mile, my right leg started hurting. This is the same leg/ankle that I have problems with. I slowed my pace, hoping it would get better. But it didn’t. I ended up walking for a few minutes then slowly began running again. This helped a little. I was able to finish one mile. But my pace tonight didn’t suffer too much. I finished at 16:55 for 1 mile. The last run I completed at 16:00. I was hoping to improve my pace, but pain got in the way.

I’ll concentrate on the positive. I completed a workout on a weekday.  So, it can be done! Celebrating small victories!

My next run will be on Friday. I expect a much better outcome. And to quote one of my favorite movies, Gone With The Wind, “I’ll think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day…” -Scarlett O’Hara.

First event of 2011

I signed up for my first event for 2011! This will be my 3rd year to participate in March For Babies. This is a special cause to me because my first born daughter was premature. If you aren’t familar with this cause, “The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.” – March of Dimes website. You can support me or join my team by clicking on the link above or the box found on the left side of my webpage.

This is a 2 mile walk/run. So, I thought what better way to work up to running a 5k, than to do a 2 miler first. I have over 100 days until the event, so I’m going to work up to 2 miles and hopefully be able to run the whole thing. This will help me prepare for the 5k I will do in October. Baby steps. I’m still training on the Couch to 5k program, but have slacked a little. I have spent more time lately doing other cardio exercise than running. But it’s time to get back on track!

A few hours later I decided to workout. I wanted to see what my pace is for 2 miles so I know what to work on for the March for Babies event. After stretching and a 5 min ride on the stationary bike, I hit the treadmill.

I started with walking and eased into running. I was able to run .75 mi without stopping. That is a first for me. With the couch to 5k plan, I have been alternating between walking 2-3 min and running 2-3 min for several cycles. I was happy to see that I could run for longer than I expected. I walked most of the second mile but did a few bursts of running. I ended up finishing the 2 miles in around 36 minutes.

This must sound really slow to those of you that are professional runners, but for me this was about on track. Now I know what to work on. I’d like to be able to run the 2 miles non-stop first, then work on the speed. I’m glad I have over 100 days to get ready.

After my running workout, I decided to pop in my newest exercise DVD, The Biggest Loser Cardio max!

I love this workout! And the cool down/stretching section was just what I needed. I don’t want to be sore tomorrow!

I’m also using my Biggest Loser calendar to log my workouts.

I really like this calendar since it has recipes and tips included for each month.

I love the way working out makes me feel. When I lose motivation or feel like slacking off, I wish I could remember this!

Goals for 2011

As 2010 nears to a close, I have been thinking about the goals I wish to accomplish for the next year. I have a feeling its going to be a great year!

Here goes:

  • I will finish a 5k by running more than walking. In 2010, I participated in several 5k’s but walked most of them. I want to pump up the intensity. I am choosing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure as the race to complete this goal. This takes place in October in Nashville so I have no excuses!
  • I will get my sugar addiction under control. *this will be a challenge, since I am a sweetaholic.
  • I will start going to church on a regular basis, even if I am the only member in my family that goes.
  • I will continue on my healthy eating plan in hopes to lose a few pounds and maintain my healthy      cholesterol levels. Losing weight is not as important to me as being healthy. This probably comes from the fact that I’ve tried to lose weight over the past year or so with not much luck. My weight has stayed the same, but I feel better and my clothes fit better. I still weigh myself once a week, but I’m thinking of scaling back on that also. If its causing me frustration, why fool with it?
  • I will strive to spend less money and save more. My frugal husband will be glad to hear that. 😉

What are YOUR goals for 2011?

I really dislike this picture of me, but its a reminder of how much harder I need to work at improving on my running.

2011 Goals

I was not able to participate in the Frosty Fun Run yesterday since I woke up with a migrane. I don’t get them very often, but when I do….all I can do is sleep in my dark room with no noise. I felt really bad about missing this race all day but I honestly didn’t think I could physically do it with a migrane. I don’t like the way I feel when I let myself down. Now…it’s time to brush it off and get back on track. “After all, tomorrow is another day.” – Scarlett O’Hara

This week I was beginning to get frustrated about running and that my progress wasn’t as much as I had hoped for. But I received a card in the mail from a friend that runs marathons and gives me much encouragement. His card really made my day and motivated me to keep going. I worked out that night on my Couch to 5K running plan and felt good about it. I am on week 2 of the plan and even though my progress is slow, I’m noticing that I feel stronger and believe I can do it. It’s amazing how powerful words of motivation and encouragement can be!

I haven’t signed up for any events in 2011 yet, but that is next on my list. Setting goals for 2011: run a 5k and maybe a 10k. I’d like to run the Bloomsday run (12k) in Spokane, WA in May since I have family there. It would be a good excuse to visit. But it’s a long way and airline tickets are usually pretty expensive.  I’ll keep that option open though and see if I can talk my husband into it. 😉 I also would like to participate in the Komen 3-Day Race for the Cure. I have done the Race for the Cure (5k) two years in a row but the 3-day event is not held in my area.  I see there is a race in San Diego….I’ve always wanted to go there.

Nashville Race for the cure – Oct 2010

 I am keeping my eyes open for events I’m interested in and make something happen! I expect 2011 to be the best year ever!

Winter weather in Tennessee

It’s nice to get winter weather finally, after all it is December. But I am not looking forward to running on Saturday in the Frosty Fun Run….if its going to be freezing. I need advice for running in the cold. Since I’m a beginner and I am accustomed to warm weather in the south, I am not sure what to do. My training to run a 5k is coming along. I am in the 2nd week of the Couch to 5k running plan now. The last time I ran was on Saturday and I admit that it was hard for me. My ankle started swelling and I wasn’t sure if I could finish the workout. But I made it. I sprained my right ankle last year and I still have lots of problems with it. But I’m not giving up!

I am also happy to report that my husband has started running again. Moving the exercise equipment into our spare bedroom was a great idea!!

Thought for the day:

“Many of life’s failures are people who
did not realize how close they were
to success when they gave up.”
– Thomas Edison

Race results

The day is here! Its time for BoroDash! It was a great morning for a run. I woke up around 6 a.m. and got ready to go. I had a protein shake for breakfast and headed over to MTSU for the race.

Here are the BoroDash Race results. I didn’t come in last place! But my motto for the day was to finish and not worry about my time. I felt good about my results since my time for the 4 mile race today was better than the last 5k race I did in October. Its all about progress. I managed do run some for this race instead of walk the entire thing. I ran into some high school buddies of mine and we did it together. It was good catching up with them. Here are some pictures from the race.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. We are actually eating our dinner tomorrow at my sister’s house. I am making a promise to my family to not nag anyone about healthy eating at our dinner. It’s one day…right? I must remember that I shouldn’t try to push my healthy eating ideas on everyone else, especially on a holiday where spending time with family is more important.
Have a good one!

Race packet pickup

We are almost to the front of the line!

Sprint PictureMail
Originally uploaded by g_len68

I spent a few hours this morning waiting in line to pick up my race packet for BoroDash. I didn’t expect the wait to be so long, but it gave me a chance to get out of the office for a while. I’m looking forward to the run in the morning but a little nervous too. I am determined to have fun no matter what happens. I just hope I’ll be able to run more than I have to walk. Since this is my first race that I’m attempting to run, I will be happy at whatever I’m able to do. The most important part is finishing it, not my time.