Affected by this story

Lady-Raider fatally stabbed

I spent the morning in tears over this story. Tina was a basketball player and college student in my town.I probably saw her play last Sunday when I took my mom to their last regular season game.

Me and my mom at the Lady Raiders game 2-27-11

I didn’t know Tina personally, but since I am a parent with kids her age and the incident happened down the street from my daughter’s apartment, I was devastated. I sympathize with her parents and family during this time. It really makes you think about how short life is and how precious your loved ones are. I am spending time praying for her family this morning and others affected by this tragedy. Tell your loved ones every day how much you love them, you never know if you won’t get another chance.

Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.  ~Author Unknown


Superbowl Sunday

Are you ready for the game? Who are you rooting for? Honestly, neither team is one of my favorites so I’m looking forward to the commercials. 🙂 I’ll be making some chili and rotel cheese dip for snacking. I’m not having a huge party, but my family will be here.

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I went to a college basketball game. It was a lot of fun!

Now, I’m getting ready for church then I’ll come home to make all the snacks. What kind of snacks do you eat during the superbowl? Healthy or unhealthy? I am trying to stick with healthy since my mom willl be coming over and she has just been diagnosed with Diabtes. But I can’t promise everything will be healthy! Enjoy the game!