Happy Valentines Day!

It’s Valentines Day! (or single awareness day…whichever you prefer). My husband brought flowers to me at work today. Lovely! And having him deliver them was priceless!

my gift delivered by my sweetheart in person

I ate a healthy lunch today so I could indulge in this….

office snacks

Since John works nights, I took my lovely daughters out for dinner tonight.

Valentines Day dinner at Old Chicago

5 years ago today, I became engaged to the love of my life. A very special day. After 5 years, he still makes me smile and gives me chills when he looks at me. Since we work different schedules and have limited time together, sometimes I forget to tell him just how much he means to me. I am a very lucky woman to have such a sweet husband. Here are some pictures of us through the years.

Gatlinburg – our honeymoon Sept 2006

Our family photo – 2005

John – golfing Oct 2002

John in Chattanooga at a Spanish Tapas bar enjoying Sangria

John and me – company Christmas party 2009

Eating at Joe’s Crab shack before a WWE event – 2011

John and me playing putt putt in Spokane, WA – 2002

Bowling 2002 – at Whitney’s birthday party (dating only a few weeks)

Our wedding – 9/23/06 in Gatlinburg

Thanksgiving 2010

Our trip to Rock City and Atlanta Sept 2010

Panama City Beach – 2009

These pictures bring back so many good memories. Let me tell you our story. We met through an online dating service (yahoo personals) in the summer of 2002. We chatted online for several weeks before we even talked on the phone. I finally got up enough nerve to call him around the 4th of July and we planned our first meeting. Our first date was on July 6, 2006 (a Saturday) and we went to dinner at Milano’s, an excellent Italian restaurant (that does not exist anymore) and we watched a movie with my roommate. My life changed forever after that day. I’ll never forget how long it took me to get ready for our first date. I changed clothes many times and was extremely nervous. That is a day I will never forget. Just telling that story makes me have chills! I love you baby.
I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!

“Love is patient, kind. It does not envy, boast, it is not proud, not rude, not self-seeking. Love never fails. ” -I Cor 13